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Assist-o is a Swiss-American startup ready to get off the beaten path and shake up traditional business models. We’re an agile, goal-oriented team that takes the concept of remote collaboration to another level. With team members and clients all over the world, we create results we’re proud of for people that we believe in.

Work culture

We believe a company is only as good as the people behind it. Even if they don’t share a postcode. Or a city. A country, and sometimes not even a continent. Our team comes from different backgrounds, lifestyles, education, and interests.
And that’s what makes us unique, really.

Our clients know to count on our teamwork, innovation, and talent. Office skateboards, ping pong tables, and team buildings may not always be a part of our work culture – we’ve put sharing a vision over sharing a common space. That doesn’t mean we don’t do all the cool things when we get together, just that our culture offers much more.

We laugh. We cooperate. We build together. We are our culture.

OUR story

Our founders envisioned Assist-o as a company that provides personal assistant services. The concept was simple: an assistant connected to a virtual back office with a diverse group of people capable of handling various tasks.

Over time, the idea of what Assist-o really is grew and developed. We learned what it takes to run a business and that is, basically, a village. That’s when Assist-o’s purpose became clear: helping businesses grow using our first-hand experience and expertise.

We’ve developed custom strategies for ourselves, so doing the same for our clients was the only way to go. Today, we bring those strategies to life by turning them into services in fields of marketing, web development, design, and more.

But enough about us — let’s talk about you.
Jump on a call with one of our experts and learn what Assist-o can do for your business.

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