Finance Legal Support for a Global Banking Company

Efficient legal document review process
Enhanced focus on complex issues and negotiations

Improved risk management

The Challenge:

A global banking company with a vast portfolio of legal documents and contracts faced a pressing challenge. Their legal team was overwhelmed with document management tasks, leaving them with limited bandwidth for handling complex legal issues and negotiations.

Assist-o Solution:

Recognizing the urgency of the situation, the banking company decided to collaborate closely with Assist-o. Assist-o seamlessly integrated a dedicated team of remote legal assistants into the client’s legal department, fostering a sense of unity.


Assist-o’s legal assistants became an integral part of the client’s legal team, working side by side with their counterparts. They meticulously managed and reviewed legal documents and contracts, introduced streamlined processes for document tracking, version control, and compliance monitoring. The collaborative approach ensured that every task was completed effectively and efficiently.


The collaboration with Assist-o significantly improved the efficiency of the legal document review process. The banking company’s legal team now regarded Assist-o’s professionals as their own colleagues. This close integration fostered enhanced risk management, as the entire team was better equipped to collaborate on complex legal matters, ultimately leading to more favorable outcomes in negotiations.

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